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It is a winter

It is a winter. Window between hear the west wind blast, can't see the birds and blue sky. The sunshine through the window, the light and warmth to the room and curling up. Looking at the calendar, in calm or helpless, hesitation, season reincarnation, life goes on. Everyone has a period of time, everyone left some mark, everyone, all with their own experiences to write sections of the story, day after day until he finished the last story. I don't lament the time in a hurry. Zhu zi-qing realization, Lin realization. We should do is to grasp yourself, cherish the gifts of god. I not sad, in the winter, after all, in the cold and the winter warming Yang. Is who said winter arrived, can spring be far behind? As long as alive, you can also take steps forward, we will be able to come to spring's heart. I am glad, he had thought, though not all description. I am lucky, but can also leave a memory, with some text simple account about family, is predestined friends the people, the last may be yourself. The existing part memoir wrote off and on. Chapter intends to write one hundred, now put on hold, temporarily, if the heaven I am Benjamin, there's hope. Now write the final story. In the last story of everyone, I couldn't say for sure how many people are calm, no, no GuaQian. Different people have different values, character, health, good luck or not a variety of factors can affect the final story plot and the ending. People alive, at present is one of the world; Go to another world. About reincarnation, I am sure. Life is not equal to idea nine times out of ten, sometimes, we may not be able to do much choice life-style. Is the only choice, I would like to live in less regret. Time as the sun dongsheng west down, fast nor slow with uniform speed through life. Time and tide wait for no man, happy or not happy or not, good luck and peace, everyone from day to day will come to an end, and then someone pull down the curtain, and doping, closure. Maybe one day, my words will be gone, only exist in a certain period of time are cool, but once there is enough. Like many people leave, along with the story of the west wind driveth away.


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